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The Book

Hi, my name is jesse thom, author of Some Bunny Loves You.

“This book has the makings of a classic.”

-Library of Clean Reads

“Heartful, playful…entirely delightful!”
-Tara Brach, bestselling author of Radical Acceptance.

“Perfect for kids…I love it!”
-Norman Foote, Juno Award-Winning Children’s Songwriter/Performer

“Some Bunny Loves this. And it’s ME!”
-Diamond Ryan, author of The Big Book of Be

What’s Included?

Hard Cover Book, personally signed

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Full-length Album (CD + Download Code)

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Bunny Finger Puppets + Puppet Theater

Includes all the characters from the book!



About the Author

Jesse Thom is an author, songwriter, puppeteer and meditation teacher currently living in BC, Canada.  His connection with bunnies began at age 5 when, after losing his older brother to leukemia, he wrote a story about a bunny with “bun…kemia” and read it to his entire school.  Devoted to a life of loving service, Jesse’s single aim is to help others uncover their authentic nature through presence and play.

You can visit Jesse’s website at

About the Illustrator

Christache is an artist, actor and drama teacher who lives and works in Vancouver, BC Canada. He likes to draw, paint, play pretend and eat blue cheese. He has performed as the White Rabbit in many productions of Alice In Wonderland.

Christache wants to remind all the bunnies out there that kindness, silliness, creativity and top hats never go out of syle, and when your moustache wanes, just wax it.

You can visit Christache’s website at

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