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Hi, my name is jesse thom, author of Some Bunny Loves You.

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Some Bunny Loves You by jesse thom, illustrated by christache
Official Release Date:
April 7th, 2017
978-0-9919191-0-9   |   32 Pages   |   children’s / music
Retail Price:
$19.50 cdn (hard cover)
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Book Description
Some Bunny Loves You is a fully-illustrated music & songbook that takes the reader on a journey through an imaginative world of very peculiar bunnies – from Liza who ‘sleeps inside a raspberry’ to ‘Gilfred on his flying toast.’  The book presents a simple message in an unusual and playful way: you (the reader) are lovedSome Bunny Loves You comes with finger puppets, sheet music and a full-length album (CD + download code) that includes the title song plus 9 whimsical instrumentals that complete the bunny world.

“This book has the makings of a classic.”
-Library of Clean Reads

“Heartful, playful…entirely delightful!”
-Tara Brach, bestselling author of Radical Acceptance.

“Perfect for kids…I love it!”
-Norman Foote, Juno Award-Winning Children’s Songwriter/Performer

“Some Bunny Loves this. And it’s ME!”
-Diamond Ryan, author of The Big Book of Be

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Author Bio
Jesse Thom, author of Some Bunny Loves You, is an author, songwriter, puppeteer and meditation teacher currently living in BC, Canada.  His connection with bunnies began at age 5 when, after losing his older brother to leukemia, he wrote a story about a bunny with “bun…kemia” and read it to his entire school.  Devoted to a life of loving service, Jesse’s single aim is to help others uncover their authentic nature through presence and play.

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Watch Puppet Show Trailer

For the book launch tour, Jesse will be performing a puppet show based on the book.  Some Bunny Loves You – The Puppet Show features hand-crafted puppet versions of the book’s bunny characters, including Liza (who sleeps in a raspberry), Gerald (on his flying toast) as well as Gilfred Mackenzie and a giant Whale Submarine!

Book Launch Tour Dates (BC Canada)

April 7th – Duncan (Community Farm Store)
 | 4-5:30pm
Adults: $10, Kids are Free

April 8th – Victoria (Victoria Public Library) | 10:30am-12pm | Free Show

April 9th – Vancouver (Circus Play Cafe) | 1:30-3:00pm
Adults: $10, Kids are Free

April 14th – Salt Spring (Wellness Centre) | 2-3:30pm
Adults: $10, Kids are Free

April 15th – Squamish (Squamish Public Library) | 2-3:30pm | Free Show

April 16th – Whistler (Whistler Public Library)
 | 1:30-3:00pm
 | Free Show

May 21st – Mayne Island (Agricultural Hall) | 1-2:30pm
Adults: $10, Kids are Free

May 22nd – Galiano Island (South End Hall) | 1-2:30pm
Adults: $10, Kids are Free

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